Amicus Solicitors London

Our Fees

At Amicus Solicitors London, we provide comprehensive and thorough advice on your matter. We are committed to ensuring that there are no hidden costs in the services that we provide. We use fixed fees for most of our advice and services. Our clients are given an estimate of costs after our initial meeting or as part of the engagement process. However, our quotes may vary by considering several factors such as the complexity of your case and the number of services that you may require.


Our fees do not include Home Office or third-party providers fees, Interpreting or translation fees, Independent expert reports fees and Barrister’s fees where required.

NoType of ApplicationOur Fees
1Spouse/unmarried partner/fiancé Entry clearance£1300 - £1800
2Spouse/partner extension£1300 - £1800
3Student visa£800 - £1200
4Visit Visa £1300 - £1800
5Right of Abode/Certificate of Entitlement£1500 - £2000
6Adult dependent relative Entry clearance£1500 - £2000
7ILR for adult dependent relative£1500 - £2000
8ILR for dependent children under 18 years £1200 - £1500
9Skilled worker visa£1300 - £1800
10Skilled worker dependent£1300 - £1800
11Health and care worker visa£1300 - £1800
12Health care worker dependent£1300 - £1800
13Scale-up worker visa£1500 - £2000
14Scale-up worker dependant visa£1500 - £2000
15Intra-company visa£1500 - £2000
16Minister of religion visa (T2) £1500 - £2000
17Sportsperson visa (T2) £1500 - £2000
18Temporary worker- Seasonal worker visa (T5)£1200 - £1500
19Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (T5) £1200 - £1500
20Graduate visa £1000 - £1500
21Start-up visa£2000 – £2500
22British national (overseas) visa£1500 – £2000
23Overseas domestic worker visa£1300 – £1800
24Representative of an overseas business visa £2000 – £2500
25Private life/family life as parent/partner/child£2000 – £2500
26Employer Sponsor License£1500 – £2500
27ILR£1500 – £2000
28EUSS Family Permit/pre settled/settled status£1000 – £1500
29Naturalisation£1500 – £2000
30Child Citizenship Registration £1200 – £1700
31Overseas British passport application£1500 – £2000
32Pre-action Protocol letter for Judicial Review£1500 – £2000
33Human rights application £2000 -£2500
34Reconsideration Application to Home Office£1500 – £2000

We did not include information about asylum, deportation and appeal preparation as these vary according to the circumstances of the case. However, we would, of course, always be happy to provide you with a quote following initial meeting. The above fees are a quote and can be varied depending on the complexity of the matter. The fees above do not include disbursement.

Road Traffic Offences

Where possible, we set off a fixed fee system and will agree the fee with you in advance of your case. In more complicated cases and for those requiring our highest possible level of service and personal representation, we will provide a very clear approximate of costs (we also carry out work on an hourly basis) from the start and will keep you updated of the costs throughout your case.

Our fixed fees for driving offences cases. We charge fixed fees for a guilty plea and mitigation.

Court Hearing
£1,250.00 for a court hearing.
£600.00 preparation for trial.
A typical guilty plea and mitigation means one court appearance total fees £1250.00
Written Representations
£800 for written representation without a court appearance. We will work on your behalf and try to keep the police out of court proceedings.
Written Mitigation
£800 for written mitigation without a court appearance.
A clear expression will be taken from you. We will scrutinise the evidence before mitigating on your behalf and try to induce the court not to endorse any points or fine in your driving license.
£1,550.00 to include an expert Counsel from our expert panel to represent you at any preliminary hearing. Each consecutive hearing or trial will be £800 plus and will again involve an expert Counsel.
This fee does not apply to imprisonable offences such as drink driving.
A typical trial means two hearings and trial preparation—total £2,500.00. Cases with many documents, several witnesses, expert reports can cost more.


Below are details of the legal costs that would be charged on a conveyancing transaction, together with the services provided as part of these costs. These costs are exclusive of VAT and disbursements that may be incurred as part of a transaction. The exact amount charged will depend on the exact circumstances of the transaction, as well as the Partner/fee earner dealing with your matter.

NoCommercial property TransactionOUR FEES
1Grant of a New Lease£800.00 – £1800.00
2Renewal of a Lease£1000.00 – 1800.00
3Assignment of a Lease£1000.00 – £ 1500.00
4Variation of a Lease£600.00 – £1000.00
5Surrender of a Lease£600.00 – £1000.00
6License to Assign£750.00 – £1250.00
7Rent Deposit Deed £650.00 – £1000.00

The above-mentioned figures are based on the fact thatthe matter proceeds in the usual way and is not expedited, the matter does not become overly complicated and protracted, there is a reasonable level of communication between us, the matter does not relate to a newly built property.

Residential Property Transactions

Sale and Purchase Transactions

Sale PriceLegal costs exclusive of VAT
>£400,000.00£1000.00 – £1400.00
£400,001.00 – £700,000.00£1200.00 – £1750.00
£700,000.00 – £1,000,000.00£1500.00 – £2200.00
£1,000,001.00 +Price Quoted on Application

Remortgage Transactions

Mortgage AdvanceLegal Costs Exclusive of VAT
>£400,000.00£600.00 – £800.00
£400,001.00 – £800,000.00£600.00 – £900.00
£800,001.00 +Price Quoted on Application

The above-mentioned figures are based on the assumptions that the matter proceeds in the usual way and is not expedited, the transaction does not involve the grant of a new lease or a lease extension, the matter does not become overly complicated or protracted, we carry out the usual searches on a purchase or remortgage, there are no defects in title or with the title documents that require remedying, there is a reasonable level of communication between us, on a sale or remortgage, we are dealing with the redemption on one existing mortgage, the matter does not relate to a newly built property.

The above examples are not an exhaustive list. If your matter becomes unexpectedly complicated, then our costs may be reviewed and you will be advised accordingly in writing.

You will be provided with a full estimate of the costs and disbursements that are likely to be incurred on your transaction and the hourly charging rate of the Partner/fee earner dealing with your transaction following initial meeting.


In addition to the legal costs for our professional services, you will also incur some third party costs known as “disbursements”. Below is a list of disbursements likely to be incurred in each type of transaction:


Land Registry SearchesFrom £6.00 plus VAT
Bank Transfer Fee£30.00 plus VAT (Each)
General Disbursements£50.00 plus VAT
Management Pack (leasehold only)£250.00– 500.00 (Estimated)


Stamp DutyCalculated on purchase price and buyer’s circumstances
Land Registration FeeCalculated on purchase price £20.00–1105.00
Land Registry Searches£2.00-7.00 plus VAT (each)
Bank transfer Fee£30.00 plus VAT (each)
General Disbursements£50.00 plus VAT
SDLT Return Fee£75.00 plus VAT
Search Pack£200.00–450.00 (estimated)
E-Lodgement Fee£50.00 plus VAT
Freeholder’s Registration Fee (leasehold only)£50.00–200.00 (estimated)